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An adults-only event designed to break the mold

January 6-8, 2023 in Nashville Tennessee USA

We're different.

NomadiCon is founded on the ideas of delivering a fresh and new experience to the fandom. Our younger, tech-oriented board is laser focused on trying new things and doing what we can to make the convention experience as good as it can possibly be.


We’re also welcoming attendees of all shapes and sizes, so you furries, pups, MLP fans, and adjacent groups are more than welcome to come enjoy our event.

Here's what you can expect from us:

We are actively ZERO tolerance for known problematic people in the fandom. While we aren’t perfect, and we won’t catch everybody, we are doing what we can to prevent well-known abusers from attending our event. Unlike an unfortunate number of other conventions, we’re doing our best to be proactive, instead of reactive.


We take our member’s safety extremely seriously, and accountability in our staff team is extremely important to us. If you know about a registered sex offender, zoophile, or other problematic person that we should investigate, please read more on our FAQ page under “How can I report a sex offender, zoophile, or other problematic person?

We are an adults only event – but that doesn’t mean we’re all sex and lewd!


We wanted a space where adults can be adults, where they won’t have to deal with children running around screaming, or moderate panel language out of fear of somebody losing their minds over a swear word that their child heard.


We’re here to have fun and be ourselves, but that doesn’t mean you can just whip it out in the con space. NSFW content will be moderated as needed, because not everybody wants to see that shit! Explicit panels and content will be marked as such.


NomadiCon is also sex-positive, not sex focused.

We are an 18+ event. While that doesn’t mean everything here is all about sex, drugs, and rock & roll, we are ditching the “family friendly” model allowing attendees to creatively express themselves, while ensuring everybody still has a good time.


Our event will always take into account travel concerns, especially since we may be traveling around the country! This means ensuring there’s always a way for public transit users to get to our event. Bus, plane, or train, you’ll be able to get to us without a car.


We’re hoping to implement an RFID badge system, to allow attendees to anonymously show interest in panels and events so we can better curate for what people enjoy in the future!


We are hoping to host more diverse and interactive panels to get the audience more involved!


More is to come! Keep an eye out for this to update.

Because we are an 18+ event, panelists can holder broader topics for panels and not be restricted to what kind of topics or language can be used.


Everybody is an adult here! Since we handle ID checking, vendors won’t be required to censor their artwork or worry about who is and isn’t a minor.


Plenty of water will be available to panelists, DJs, dealers, staff, and anybody else that needs it!


We’re working hard to make sure dealers get proper meals, because nobody likes missing lunch.


Vendors who remit payment early-on will get early access to the hotel room blocks before general attendees. Vendors also have access to coordination chats to work with other vendors on planning.

NomadiCon is providing paid incentives to staff that help keep the convention running. Yes, we will pay you for helping us!


Our board is founded on the idea of being open and communicative, but most importantly, accountable. This ensures everybody working the event knows what they’re supposed to be doing, and can do their work to the best of their ability.

As NomadiCon is owned and operated at the core level by DJs and music producers, we understand the struggle of censorship commonplace at other conventions. We believe in creative expression and do not require musicians to censor swearing from their music, as long as it’s not being done in a way that hurts anybody.


DJs will be compensated for their time and performance at the event.


DJs will not be required to pay for event registration.


Club/Festival quality DJ equipment will be made available to any DJ who does not wish to bring their own. This includes club-standard Pioneer CDJs, but may also include turntables, Denon players, and more.


We provide open and transparent feedback regarding the selection process and will work to provide opportunities for many different varieties of music and mixing.

NomadiCon is operated by Nomadic Events Incorporated NFP, a team of experts in the fields of Information Technology and Audiovisual. If you need help making your event happen, we’re happy to accommodate. Learn more.


Our RFID badging system data will be available to other conventions at request, allowing other events to view demographics and panel interest.


We are also planning on sharing information about what new ideas we try, hoping other events can use what we learn for their own event.

NomadiCon will be operating in Nashville, Tennessee at the Grand Hyatt Nashville.


The GHN is a brand new luxury hotel in the Nashville Yards, a beautiful and brand new commerce district.

We tweet a lot.

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