Bans and Appeals

Like any other convention, Nomadic Events keeps an internal ban list of attendees who have been reported for being problematic within the fandom or otherwise general spaces. This is done to prevent these unwanted individuals from interacting with others in event space where otherwise they should feel unwelcome.

We provide our attendees with a way to report – known, or anonymously – people who are known to be problematic. This is typically known Zoophiles, Sex offenders, Nazis, or otherwise generally gross people.

To report a dangerous individual, please submit a form here:

Report an Individual

You can also email us, by contacting [email protected]

We spend a substantial amount of time to review these reports because we care about the experience our attendees have at our events. We want our space to feel comfortable for everybody, except these banned individuals.

Our review process, however, is not, and will never be 100% foolproof. Unless the person has a legal filing, and their actions have been proven in a court of law, we cannot solely trust the internet…because it’s the internet.

Because of this, we provide banned people the option to appeal their ban, providing information on their side to corroborate with the reports we’ve received.

To appeal a ban, send an email to [email protected] with “Appeal” somewhere in the subject line.

Our entire ban list is not immediately viewable. If you want to check if somebody is already on the list, you must submit a report, and provide a way we can contact you regarding the report.

Our ban list is meant to promote safety among our convention attendees and staff. It’s not intended to “punish” individuals. We make these exclusions because we find that these individuals may threaten the health and well-being of the overall convention. Our attendees always come first and we want to make sure they have a good time.


Submitting a report does not guarantee the addition of an entry to the ban list. Every report is reviewed individually and decisions are made based on provided evidence, publicly available information, previous reports (if they exist), and information provided to us by other conventions.

Nomadic Events does not guarantee the legitimacy of any information provided on the ban list, or claim any information displayed is accurate or true as it is solely based on 3rd party accounts, UNLESS evidence has already been proven and documented in a court of law.

“I thought the ban list was public, what happened?”

Previously, the list of banned attendees was viewable – without any PII – to anybody. Originally, we did this to usher comfort within attendees to show we are actually actioning the reports that are sent in. Numerous times have people warned other events about somebody who might be attending or even performing at their event, and the event chooses to let them attend anyway. This doesn’t fly for us.

However, having the list public could lead to it being misused. We spoke with other fandom members to see how the process could be refined, and have chosen to make a change.

NomadiCon is built on trying new things, to break the mold and do things differently. With that, comes times we will not succeed, and things will not go perfectly. We are determined to admit when things aren’t perfect, and making the list public was one of these times. Instead, we have changed the process to the above method. We’re committed to transparency, but we recognize the issues that these kinds of things have.