COVID Policy 2023

If you read this policy before the rescheduling, it has not changed. Saved you a re-read.

The health of our attendees is important to us. With the current state of the world, we have made a decision on our position in regard to COVID-19, and will enforce the following policies for the event.

This policy is accurate as of December 17, 2022. We may make minor changes over time as the event gets closer, but the fundamental rules will not change. The final policy will be published no later than April 24, 2023.

This decision was not made by us alone, and was founded on data polled from our attendees. We are focused on being attendee driven and doing what the community shows they want in an environment.

Attendees must understand that holding an event completely risk-free is impossible in the current day. We are doing what we can in order to mitigate this risk, and make the event as fun as possible. As such, the following policies apply.

The short version:

  • Attendees must be fully vaccinated; OR
  • Attendees must submit proof of negative test within 72 hours of the event

  • All attendees must wear CDC-approved masks in event-controlled space

The long version:


You must submit proof that, at minimum, your vaccination records show the initial series of vaccination completed.

Acceptable proof includes:

  • An original vaccination card provided by the CDC
  • A report from a state-sponsored organization
  • Records from health vaccination apps (Docket, MyChart, etc)
  • A formal letter from a doctor that shows compliance

Online submission:

This is the easiest route for you and us. We recommend submitting your proof online..

This is verified by a third-party organization that specializes in vaccination verification.

Submit your vaccine online here

In-person & at-door submission:

We highly recommend using the online submission to speed up processes. If you are not comfortable with this, on-site verification is available.

Photos of the required documents may be permitted at the sole discretion of the convention.

All documents must be accompanied by photo ID that matches the name on the vaccination records.


You must submit proof of negative test within the requirements. You have the option to submit online, or in-person. Negative test submissions do not qualify for early badge mailing.

Online submissions:

This is the preferred route, as it will make things faster for you and us.

Lab tests and rapid at-home tests are accepted online.

This is verified by a third-party organization that specializes in test verification.

Submit your negative test here

In-person submissions:

We highly recommend using the online submission to speed up processes. If you are not comfortable with this, on-site verification is available.

For on-site verification, only lab tests are accepted. This must be a verifiable test (rapid or PCR) taken in the last 72 hours will be accepted. The verification page must show your legal name, date of test, and test status. We will not accept rapid at-home tests in person.

Rapid at-home tests may be submitted any time during the convention, but they MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE.


All attendees and staff are required to properly wear a CDC-approved face mask in convention spaces.

Note: Nomadic Events cannot enforce masks in spaces that are not within our control. This includes all public hotel space, hotel rooms, restaurants, etc. The Grand Hyatt currently has no mask requirements, and the State of Tennessee legally prohibits employers from requiring vaccination.

Bandanas and gaiters are not considered acceptable face coverings. You may remove your mask for short periods of time to eat or drink. CDC-approved masks are also required in fursuit lounges, even when heads are removed.

In the event of a medical emergency, masks can be removed temporarily until the emergency ends. Please contact staff or security if you need assistance.

Any breath-powered instrument is prohibited to be played in con space, as masking is impossible with them. This includes woodwind and brass instruments. This excludes scheduled performances with performers on stage.

In Main Events, performers on stage may remove masks if fully vaccinated.

Masks are required to be worn under fursuit heads, or other costume pieces.

For further questions, please contact [email protected]

This decision was not only made internally based on the state of the world, but heavily influenced from polled data from attendees. We ran a poll on all our social media that got a hundred responses. Of this poll, we were able to determine that, in majority, people wanted vax or negative test, and voted in majority to enforce masking in all spaces.

Based on this, we’ve made a decision. We believe this policy is the most flexible in making everybody as comfortable as they can be, without creating unnecessary dangers for people who are just trying to have a good weekend.