The Dances!

The dances are a nightly event that give you a chance to get up and dance to some great tunes. Feel the bass in your bones and get jiggy with it!


Dance times will go out once we have more idea of who will be available when. On Saturday, there may be a dirty dance! We will update this page once we have more details.

DJ Applications

So you can throw down on the decks, eh? Well you’ve come to the right place.

NomadiCon is committed to offering a fair selection chance, free of favoritism and focusing on skill and experience. Additionally, we compensate our performers, and that includes DJs.

DJ applications close April 3rd!

Application process TL;DR

We’re looking for enthusiastic DJs to play some fantastic tunes on stage for our event. However, we ain’t your typical furcon.

NomadiCon employs an anonymized selection process internally to help prevent favoritism and laser focus on what we want – long time and rising talent that can show their skills on stage. You can read more about how this works at the bottom of this page.

We will require all applicants to submit a roughly 1 hour long demo, showing off your mixing style and what kind of songs you will be playing. Because of how our process works, please ensure this recording does not include your DJ name in the audio. Trim it out if necessary.

Additionally, DJs will have their badge compensated, along with receiving some form of direct compensation. Details on this will be hashed out once applications open.

In the application you will be asked to choose which gear you will like to use on stage. While we highly recommend using the house gear, you may bring your own. Your options consist of:

  • PDJ 900nxs + 2x PDJ xdj1000 mk1s
  • PDJ 900nxs + 2x PDJ plx500 turntables (bring your own carts)
  • Denon X1850 + 2x Denon sc5000s

If you choose to bring your own gear, you must provide information on its outputs.

Finally, you must have a telegram account and have the ability to monitor a telegram group for coordination.

The day-of

Like any similar event, you will need to sound-check before going on. If you are bringing gear, you are required to sound check ahead of time. Missing soundcheck will result in your set being cut. If you are using the house gear, soundcheck is optional, but we recommend attending anyway.

Sound check is usually one hour before the first dance starts, but the DJ coordinator will keep the DJs informed about this.

Before your set, you are expected to be in the room 15 minutes ahead of time, and on stage at least 5 minutes before it’s start.

You may not run excessively over time. Closing acts are also expected to end around their set-end time.

Behind the scenes - Application process

There are multiple factors that go into selecting DJs for dances, and we wanted to ensure they are being selected solely based on skill, prior experience, and overall genre diversity.

First, the submissions. These are handled by one unaffiliated staff member to ensure we are only using applications that are valid and meet the minimum requirements. Demo files are renamed, given a random name, and handed off to the selection team.

The selection team is typically a group of 3 or more people, DJs and/or music enthusiasts, and the DJ coordinator. They will then get:

  • Generic DJ name
  • Anonymized demo
  • Days available
  • Past experience
  • Chosen equipment

From here, the selection team will go through available applications and build a set list with the information provided.

Once a set list is built, the first staff member will de-anonymize only the selected candidates and the DJ coordinator will reach out to the selected DJs to confirm their availability.

This is something nobody has done before, and we hope it will usher in a fair chance for everybody.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected]