Land Acknowledgement

What is a land acknowledgement?

A Land Acknowledgement is a formal statement that Indigenous Peoples as traditional stewards of a land, and the enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous Peoples and their traditional territories, as a showing of respect.

It is to tell the story of the original culture of the people, plants, and animals, who occupied it 500+ years before people from Europe began replacing local history with their own.

Why is it important?

We recognize the land to express gratitude and appreciation to the traditional stewards of the land, and to honor the Indigenous Peoples who have been living and working on the land before it was even known. As a community, we should understand the long-standing history that has brought us to this land and seek to understand our place within that history.

Nomadic Events is built on the idea of being different, and welcoming of everybody of all types. We seek to provide a space that anybody feels comfortable, either working with us, or coming to relax over the weekend. Simply acknowledging the land is not enough, and is only one action of many. We look forward to building on these efforts at future events, and we encourage all attendees to take action to advance social justice in our communities.

Land acknowledgement

The Nashville Public Library Association has a fantastic write-up for the local area that was put together by Tom Kunesh, son of Standing Rock Lakota tribal member Louise Kelly of Minnesota.

We highly recommend reading their extremely in-depth overview of the land, it’s history, and Native American things to See and Do in Nashville. They also provide various reading resources you can view.

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