Our DJ selection process

NomadiCon DJ Selection process

At NomadiCon, one of our primary concerns with other con’s dances was their selection process for their DJs. For convention dances, the DJs are selected by a DJ Coordinator staff member. Typically, this is through an application process where the DJs essentially say “Hey, I’d like to play at your convention.” They then review the submissions and build a lineup for the con dates.

However, time and time again, we keep seeing situations when the DJ coordinator primarily only books their friends on the lineup and themselves. This has annoyed large numbers in the fandom DJ community, and we were tired of seeing it happen. Imagine if the dealer’s den coordinator gave them and their friends 12×12 booths right at the front entrance to the dealer’s den! That kind of benefit is not fair to anybody.

While this is a known issue, we do want to commend some DJ coordinators that are already working to stop this. Veyote and Midekai are two coordinators that have been handling this perfectly the last few years.

To keep in line with our transparency promise, we wanted to take a few moments to discuss how our DJ selection process works and what to expect if you’re planning on DJing our dances!

Our promises:

  • DJs will only be selected based on the demo they submit, not who they are
  • DJs will be compensated and given free admission to the convention for the weekend
  • We will never intentionally re-book people because they’re friends of staff or the coordinator
  • The coordinator will never book themselves in place of another capable DJ, especially during prime slots
  • We will never intentionally re-book people consistently because they’re “veteran DJs” (whatever that means)

First things first, you need to submit a demo! Otherwise, how would we know you want to play! When you submit your demo, all we ask is for your demo itself, a way to contact you, your preferred stage name, and other important stuff about your set. We don’t want or need to know anything else about you yet!

Once applications close, we go through and review the submissions one by one to rank them. We typically try to do this process anonymously so that our demo review team has no idea who’s behind the mix. Besides, that isn’t important! The ranking is done by considering many factors, the biggest ones being song selection and mix quality.

Once our demos are picked out, we reach out to DJs to confirm their timeslots and availability. Once our lineups are made, we will share them with the world! We will also start sending emails to the DJs who requested feedback on their demo and ways to improve! We only do this for the DJs that ask for it, and we have enough resources.

That’s it! This is similar to other con’s approval process, but our process ensures nobody picks favorites. We hope this makes sense, and this well-needed change makes the rounds to other conventions that very much need it. If you have any more questions about our process, join our telegram and ask us there!