Panels & Events

  • Vendor Hall

    Come by and spend all your money faster than you can say Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism! Check out our huge list of vendors today!

  • Nightly Dances

    Bone-shaking bass and fantastic DJs, come get loose at our nightly dances!

  • Special Guest: Alkali Bismuth

    NomadiCon is pleased to host Alkali Bismuth and his cavalcade of chaos! Join him for MST3K, Jackbox games, Open mic, Whose lion is it anyway, and more!

  • Life drawing sessions

    Are you an artist looking to do some life sketching of some fursuiters or bodies? This is the panel for you! Hosted by Moon, come get your sketch on! Or, join us for our NSFW session and get more risque sketches in!

  • Photoshoots

    Come get involved with our con photos! From our fursuit photo to our all-attendee pic, play the best-worst game of where's waldo!

  • And so much more!

    This is just the start of our plans. Keep an eye out for our schedule, or submit your own panel below!

Panel submissions close April 17th!


Please complete this form as thoroughly as possible. All information provided will be kept confidential.

Since our event is 18+ only, strong language and imagery is not an issue. However, for staff and attendee courtesy, we will mark adult-related panels as such so people know what they’re getting into.

Event applications are subject to approval. You must have experience in the field you are looking to host a panel on, or at least show familiarity.

Event hosts have the option to be compensated for their time and performance, however this is conditional based on event type. For example, meetups do not qualify for compensation, and require all attendees/hosts to be registered for NomadiCon. You will be notified if your submission qualifies for this perk!

If you are interested in hosting multiple events, you must submit multiple forms here. This allows us to sort these easier.

DJ applications SHOULD NOT be completed through this form, please refer to for applications.

We suggest you fill out this form while logged into a google account so you can edit your submission if needed.

We must schedule programming in a manner that we feel best benefits NomadiCon attendees and programming at large; therefore, by submitting this application you are also agreeing to conduct your performance and/or presentation during NomadiCon at a time and location that we designate, at your initial approval. Thanks!

If you need assistance, reach out to [email protected]