Statement of our goals

our ideals

Our ideals and goals

Hey everybody! We want to thank you for the continued support in our mission and great feedback otherwise!

We wanted to share a little about ourselves and talk about why we have decided to do what we are doing. A few people have expressed hesitance or have been unsure about our mission, so we hope this helps explain!

First off, I want to clarify who we are. Our company was founded by us three (Drittauge, Shammers, and Razeth) and established as a 501(c)(7) non-profit. We have all been a part of Furry for many years, and have attended dozens of conventions between all of us. All three of us are also DJs, playing conventions, club events, and festivals inside and outside of the fandom. Razeth has even run an “Intro to DJing” panel for Midwest FurFest, and Drittauge co-founded an Indiana-based furry convention from the ground up that still runs today! We have also collectively organized multiple successful events in the past, from parties to club events, and more.

Having said this, we know what it’s like to attend a convention and have things change on you last minute, or have ideas about “This sucks, it would be better if it was done this way”. Then the pandemic hit.

We were fortunate enough to not experience any financial impact from the pandemic, and this allowed us plenty of time to start brainstorming and dream up this new and different kind of convention, in hopes of making something that is new and better for everybody. From that, NomadiCon is born!

We have four core values that we wanted to follow. Communication, Collaboration, Accountability, and Transparency. Let me explain what this means to us:

Communication – Ensure everybody is communicating effectively and understands what is going on and how to complete what their task is. This means ensuring staff knows what their job is even before the event starts, panelists and dealers know exactly what to expect and where to set up with plenty of advance notice, et cetera. We also heavily encourage attendees to communicate with us too! We can’t change anything if we don’t know anything is wrong or needs attention. Let us know!

Collaboration – We want to ensure everybody is working together on things, to not only benefit themselves but the people around them. We want to work with everybody, to ensure they have everything they need and don’t need to leave it up to unknowns. We’re all here to have a good time, let’s make sure that can happen! This shouldn’t need to be stressful for anybody!

Accountability – Because of the way we handle our staff, we want to ensure things are handled properly and addressed accordingly in a timely manner. This goes out directly to other people that have worked on staff teams before, and experience another staff member that is causing issues or unable to complete their tasks. At the end of the day, we have a business to run, and we absolutely will hold ourselves and our staff members accountable for mistakes and issues that arise.

Transparency – We love being transparent with our ideas and projects. Coming from a group of IT guys that love open-source things, it’s in our nature. That’s why we want to be transparent with our staff team, along with attendees about our plans and goals, so everybody knows what to expect. This goes along with our data collection and polls too! We love getting feedback and information from people from the fandom, and will share that data with other conventions or parties that request it! It not only benefits us to know, but we also want to help everybody else!

By working with these values, we believe we can bring the best possible event in our own and unique way.

We also sought out and tackled many other concerns that we had. This started from DJing at conventions. At first, we DJs would get nothing more than exposure at the events. This changed slowly, and more events have slowly adopted comping badges for DJs, but not all of them have done this yet. We wanted to change this. Not just for us, but everybody.

DJs are what make your dances work, they’re a core part of the event schedule. Without them, you’re stuck with some sound guys playing Spotify, and that ruins the vibes. The same goes for panelists! These people bring all the programming to your event, and most cons do nothing for them! We didn’t think this was right. That’s why we are choosing to comp badges for performers, panelists, and DJs, and even offer monetary compensation for their time.

This goes for staff too! These people dedicate hours, even weeks or months of their lives to plan out these events! We thought, “Why not budget for these people? They make the event happen!” and so we did. Staff members get monetary compensation for their time, badges comped, and some even have their flights and hotel expenses covered.

Of course, most of these people are plenty happy with volunteering and dedicating a weekend of their time to make a fun event like this happen, but we figured it was the least we could do.

There’s plenty of other things we are changing behind the scenes as well, read our front page for more information on that, but we hope this clears up some things for those suspicious or skeptical about our event, ideals, and goals.

Thank you for spending your time to read this! Let us know if you have any questions by reaching out on our contact us page.