Transparency information

Our event is built on the idea of transparency. That’s why you can find normally inaccessible, or hard to find documents regarding our convention, including finances.

Please note these numbers are rough estimates, may not be 100% accurate, and are subject to change at any time.

For more information, or questions, contact us.

Venue-related finances

Grand Hyatt Nashville

Venue minimum revenue due: $40,968.75

Total attendance estimates

(These are estimates, not limits)

Planned 3-day attendees: 600

Planned 1-day passes: 80

Planned vendors: 27

Planned staff: 17+

Total revenue estimates

Total estimated revenue: $ 89,500.00

Total estimated expenses: $ (78,675.75)

Expected margin: $ 10,824.25

Budgets and Expenses

To be posted.

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