How to get to NomadiCon

By Car

Ever heard of google maps? Okay, we’re just kidding…mostly.

The hotel is at 1000 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203

This is right on the corner of Broadway and 10th. I-40, I-24, and I-65 are the closest interstates. Take I-65 if you’re going NE-SW, I-40 is East-West. I-24 goes SE-NW. Nashville also has like eight beltways so…good luck.

We’d give you exact directions, but a lot of Nashville is heavily under construction so check local news/maps for exact up-to-date information.

Parking at the hotel is Valet only, we’ll have more information about this soon. There is a few surface lots around the hotel and surrounding areas, but check local websites for more information and accurate rates. We prefer SpotHero and BestParking.

By Air

The closest airport to the Grand Hyatt Nashville is Nashville International Airport (BNA). Don’t ask me where the “B” comes from. The hotel is about 9 miles from the airport via I-40 West.

If you’re flying in, you can save 5% on your flight when booking through American Airlines and using promo code 3113DL on (you’re welcome!) Enter this promo code on the checkout page after selecting your flight times. [Offer only valid when traveling between Jan 3 and Jan 8]

For public transport users, you can take the MTA 18 bus for $2.00 from the airport to 8th Ave S & Broadway Ave NB, a block or two from the hotel. For times and route schedules, we recommend Transit App.

Private pilots will probably want to avoid BNA due to commercial traffic, but if you’re willing to risk it, Atlantic Aviation is one of the few FBOs at BNA and would cost around $250 for two nights, according to the internet. Check with local regulations though, you’re the pilot. Be sure to pay attention to the NOTAMs, as many airports have nighttime curfews.

By Rail

First, pressure your nearest politician into supporting high-speed rail.

From what we can tell there is no substantial passenger rail routes that would make travel to Nashville easy (unless you’re coming from lebanon, in which take 90 WEGO STAR). However, Amtrak, in partnership with Greyhound Bus Lines, operates bus connections from various locations. Check out this page for more information.

By Local Transit

Nashville operates under the MTA, also known as WeGo. There’s plenty of bus routes thru-out the city, but check out their website for accurate times and routes.

Also, we recommend Transit App.

By Gryphon

Locate the Gryphon Roost in Stormwind City. Flight master Dungar Longdrink will help you plan your route to Nashville.

Be sure to tip well!